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Border walker

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

We get some interesting folks passing through our area, including those on cross-country bike or walking trips. This week, I met a guy named Mark Hainds who is walking the border and passed through here.

Two years ago, he walked the whole Texas border, and this month he’s walking from El Paso to Sierra Vista. He’ll finish the Arizona and California border on a future leg, and yes, he’s writing a book about it. He averages about 25 miles a day and walks pretty much every day.

I walked with him for 12 miles or so yesterday and got to see a stretch of the old railroad I hadn’t seen from about mile marker 7 on Highway 9 (west of Animas) to Rodeo. It was a cool day (note the snow on the Peloncillos in the picture), but the wind was down and it was sunny much of the day. It was an enjoyable walk, and Mark had some good stories to tell.

I’ve read so many books about long quest-style walks like this and think I’d like to do one myself some day. In the meantime, it’s nice to have the flexibility in our lives to be able to take time off to enjoy opportunities like this as they come along.