June, 2018

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It’s that time of year

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

The monsoons are our favorite time of year here.

When we first moved here, we were told that there used to be an “early monsoon” and a “late monsoon,” but in the ten years we’ve been here, there has only been a late monsoon, typically beginning around July 4 and lasting for a variable number of weeks.

It’s been a hotter than usual spring, and two days ago, afternoon clouds gathered, and we got an (unforecast) downpour. Then yesterday, we had the same. I was driving between Bisbee and Douglas, and the rain was so torrential that I had to pull over. Brad said there was rain at home too. There’s always a debate about the real start of monsoons, but I feel like they’ve started. Could this be the “early monsoon”?!?! I guess we’ll see.

Unfortunately, monsoons also bring lots of lightning. And dry lightning means fire.

Yesterday, there was a fire on the mountains behind our house.

The memory of the really big fire here a few years ago is still fresh in everyone’s mind, and so the fire crews were out super fast to try to prevent this from spreading. Big planes dropped loads of red flame retardant.

The forest service also sent several crews of hotshots. By the time it was getting dark, the fire was greatly diminished.

At night, you could see a bunch of fire spots blazing, but it wasn’t out of control. By morning, it was mostly contained. There are still a couple fire crews today, but it seems like things are fine now.

We are hoping for more rain and less lightning and wind as the monsoons ramp up.