July, 2020

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It’s hot

Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

As you may have heard, it’s unusually hot here this week, as it is in many places. It was over 110 both days this weekend and didn’t cool off as much as usual at night. 

The heat leads the birds and other animals to be especially desperate for water and has led the jackrabbits here to find a way into the garden. You may recall that we fenced the garden a couple years ago with heavy cattle panels and hardware cloth on the bottom foot or so. As the heat has risen, the jackrabbits apparently found a way to get over this and squeeze through. We caught one in the garden twice in the last day.

So today we added another row of tighter fencing higher up. We didn’t have enough hardware cloth so we used what we had. Fencing is hot work even at 6 in the morning.

In other news, a swarm of bees left our front tree a couple weeks ago. This has happened before, but in the past, it always seemed to be just a portion of the hive. (We assumed it had gotten too crowded.) This time though, the bee hive in the tree seems empty, temporarily at least. This is a welcome change.