Painting the town

Written by karen on May 5th, 2010

We had a fun day today tmaking a trip to Silver City and our friend Mattie at Material Good to buy paint! We are using YOLO paint, a zero-VOC, eco-friendly line and have chosen some bold colors for accent walls. I’m excited to see how it works out.

Yesterday, we began texturizing the walls after finally finishing all the taping and sanding. We had evaluated several options for this, including paint additives and a spray on/knock down product. I love the look of skip troweling though, but was not confident about trying it until Brad convinced me to try it in the ever-experimental workshop and storage rooms.

Skip troweling is a little artistic for me, but we had learned how to do it at our clay workshop (which Mattie reminded us today was almost a year ago!). I liked doing it but wasn’t sure how it would look. Because the mud is a different color than the drywall, it’s almost impossible to tell what it will look like while you’re doing it.

So this afternoon, after we got home from Silver City, we went right over to the property to put on a coat of primer and see how it looks. We finished in the dark, and so I’m not quite sure, but I think it looks good. We’ll know for sure tomorrow.

On other fronts, I have a big project for work that I’ve been waiting for for months and has finally come in. It is work I am excited about doing, but it is a very fast deadline and a lot of work. And in June, I have a lot of work-related travel as well.

Still, we are committed to moving in to the house in May. We really only have a few relatively minor “must do” things left (hook up the gas, tile the shower…paint would be nice) so it is looking good.

With all of this going on though, my writing time on the blog the next 6 weeks or so is going to have to be more limited. I will continue to post major news and pictures (which take very little time for me), but you faithful readers will have a little break from the long ramblings. :)


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