Written by karen on May 30th, 2016

We love the show “Splendid Table” (“the show for people who love to eat”…yeah, that’s us). Awhile back,they had a show on something called toum, a Lebanese garlic paste that was described as being light and fluffy like whipped egg whites. We knew we’d have to make it some time.

This week, we just harvested our garlic. And when we do that, there are always a few bulbs that get scuffed or something and need to be used sooner rather than later. Perfect opportunity!

While this toum sounded a little fussy to make, it wasn’t that hard. Only a few  ingredients: lots of garlic, canola oil, salt, lemon juice, and water. And the results — oh my, this stuff is amazing!

Toum can be used as a dip, for garlic bread, as a sandwich spread, in marinades or sauces, in eggs, or in soups, just to mention a few possibilities.

This will be for sale at this week’s farmers market. Very gourmet.



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  1. Donna says:

    That sounds so yummy!

  2. Joohae says:

    Hi Karen, my favorite Lebanese restaurant here in long beach serves this and I agree.. it IS amazing. I tried to make it one time and it came out too strong and not as fluffy, but I will have to try splendid table version. Thanks for the tip!

    Another thing the restaurant serves that’s really awesome is really smoky baba ganoush and this recipe is a winner. (

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