Written by karen on September 7th, 2016

It is one of the most lovely times of year to go camping here, and we took advantage of the long weekend to see a new place, Aguiree Springs in the Organ Mountains just east of Las Cruces.



These mountains are quite dramatic, and the hikes we did around them were beautiful. And because of the late monsoons, everything was in bloom! (And yes, the mosquitoes were in full force.)


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  1. Algot Runeman says:

    Beautiful flowers, clear air, starry nights. Great camping…but did you really pitch the tent on rock? Hope your backs are okay. Oh, the last time I slept on rock like that…pain!

    How long have you had cattle? (Nice title photo!)

  2. karen says:

    It’s actually a kind of gravelly shelf. And we have good pads to sleep on!

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