Is it spring yet?

Written by karen on March 16th, 2019

Last night I woke up to loud thunder and lightning. Hmmm, I thought sleepily, there wasn’t any rain in the weather forecast. Should I go over to the office and unplug things to forestall a possible lightning strike? (We’ve had several that have fried various electronic devices.) My tiredness won over as I rolled over and went back to sleep.

An hour or so later, I awoke to the sound of rain on the roof. It was still dark, and I pulled the blankets over my head to drown out the sound.

Then when morning light came, I looked out the windows to see this.

This is the fifth significant snowfall we’ve had this winter. I believe it is the most snow we’ve had in a winter since we’ve lived here. In the last two years, we had no snow at all.

I don’t love the cold and snow, but the moisture is welcome. Our mountains have good snow, and the creek in Portal is flowing strong. Now for some warm spring temperatures to get things growing.


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  1. Southern New England was “enjoying” a lower-than-usual snow total for the winter until just as we entered March when we got 17 inches at my house. The March sun has joined together with several recent windy days to melt almost all of the exposed snow, and I looked at the place where the crocus make their early presence known. I didn’t see any, but there were tips of a few tulip leaves showing!

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