Scoring the concrete

Written by karen on May 25th, 2009

On our existing slab, which we’re staining, we decided to try scoring the concrete to get a tile-type effect. The great thing about Tumbleweed is that it is a low-risk “practice” ground for our main house. And the workshop in Tumbleweed is the practice room in the practice house, so that’s where we tried this out.

We read up on this on the Internet, and here is the process we used.

Step 1: Measure

Step 2: Lay down a straight 2×4 as a guide, and cut lines about 1/8″ deep with a Skilsaw with a diamond blade

Step 3: Spray with water and sweep to remove the concrete dust

Step 4: Use a grinder to smooth out the groove (a couple passes)

And here are the final results (wet and before stain):

We like this so much that we’re thinking about doing the whole slab this way.


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