Solar data


24 – Sun Xtender PVX-2580L AGM sealed batteries

– 12 volts

– 255 amps

Battery bank (24):

– 48 volts

– 1530 amps

Solar panels (12):

12 – Kyocera KD210GX-LPU, 210 Watt

– 26.6 volts

– 7.9 amps

Solar array combiner:

Midnite Solar MNPV6


– 80 volts calculated (94 volts measured)

– 32 amps




(We also have a backup generator.)

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  1. norb says:

    Hi, How is the solar set up still working? Did you add more panels? Where is the generator data? Are you using the ground fault in the SCC? Are you using a shunt to monitor battery SOC? Using the combox?

    • brad says:

      It’s still rock solid. I looked into adding more panels, but it’s cheapest with the exact same panels and I haven’t found any of those.

      I don’t recall about the ground fault.

      The SCC monitors the batteries.

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