This is the official web site of Surfside Colony, Ltd.

Surfside Colony is a community located on a unique piece of land that is approximately .7 mile long and is nestled along the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The colony is located to the east of Seal Beach and the west of Sunset Beach.

Surfside is a residential area with approximately 280 single-family homes. The homes are arranged in three rows, A, B, and C, and include an eclectic collection from older single-story cottages to newer multi-story architectural wonders. No home in the colony is more than 75 feet from the beach.

Surfside was originally founded in 1929 and incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1930. The governing body is a Board of Directors with five members, who are elected by the shareholders (property owners) and serve a term of two years.

The colony has a casual beach culture that values diversity and community. Favorite beach activities include surfing, kitesurfing, fishing, and just sitting and enjoying the sun and sea air.

We hope that the residents of Surfside, as well as others who visit this web site, enjoy it. If you have suggestions to make the site more useful, photos you'd like to contribute, or other comments, please contact us.