Cochise Stronghold

Written by karen on May 15th, 2017

This weekend’s backpacking trip was to Cochise Stronghold, which is on the west side of the Chiricahuas from us and to the south of Texas Canyon (the one with the amazing rocks just off I-10). We hiked from the campground to the pass and then over to the west side. We backcountry camped there overnight and then headed back. We went with our friend Judy who will be going to the Grand Canyon with us.

It was a much more enjoyable hike than our last one. The hike itself was relatively easy and the views were incredible.

Here’s the data. (The difference in distances between the days is because we tacked an extra few miles onto Sat. before camping.)



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  1. Okay, I envy you these trips. My knees no longer allow me such fun, but I really enjoy imagining your enjoyment. Thanks for the vicarious blast!

    The map and climb data screenshots seem to be from an Android device.

    What app is involved in gathering and displaying the data?

    Were you rolling downhill when you exceeded 4 mph?

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