Spring is here

Written by karen on April 14th, 2019

It is warming up here, and everything is suddenly growing (despite a threat of snow last week which didn’t materialize).

Right now, we are eating lettuce, asparagus, and fava beans from the garden. We are enjoying the blooms of lavender, salvia, and penstemon. I have lots of starts in little pots in the house, and a few other things outside in the ground. I am trying to do a little bit in the garden every day (well, maybe every other day) so that we have a bountiful summer.

And we are taking lots of walks and enjoying the sun and warmth of spring.


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  1. Algot Runeman says:

    Lovely potential in the pots.
    Soon to be spread in garden plots.
    May there be plenty sun and rain
    And your harvests reap you lots.

  2. love the look and taste of asparagus … Spring here in Western Massachusetts has been hit or miss so far … some warm days and some cold days …
    Peace to you both!

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