New woodworking project

Written by karen on June 10th, 2019

For a long time, we’ve planned to add more built-in bookcases to the bedroom to accommodate all my books still in storage. Part of this plan was for a tricky-to-build corner bookcase.

Brad and I designed this together, but he did the hard work of figuring out the exact dimensions and how to cut and assemble the pieces.

Once that got done, we had to figure out where to finish it. It is very heavy, and I was nervous about moving it after the finish work was done. It was hard to lift — what if we dropped it? It also has an awkward shape and weight distribution. So we decided to move it from the workshop to the bedroom (in the other house) and to finish it there.

Thinking about how to move it, we talked briefly about who we knew who might help. It’s a very short list here when you take account for people’s age and ability, as well as willingness. While we were thinking about that, I suggested we move it with the truck. That worked well.

Here it is in place,  but unfinished and without the final base and cap. Now the project is pretty much in my court to do the finishing. There will also be another shorter bookcase next to it (not the one shown here). Stay tuned for more pics.


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  1. Algot Runeman says:

    It does not look like you “cut any corners” while working up this bookcase.

    I am particularly looking forward to seeing how you arrange the books around the curved center of each shelf! :wink:

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