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thar be turtles!

Monday, June 15th, 2009

No, it’s not talk like a pirate week… I’m just excited to finally see a turtle.

We been hearing about the desert turtles since before we moved here. There are signs warning you not to run them over. There are roads out here are named after them, “Turtle Run”. There are even signs proclaiming love for the turtles. I never see them though… until yesterday.

I was driving back from our property when I saw a rock in the road that looked a lot like a turtle. I stopped to take a look and indeed, it was a turtle. Wow! I have a hard time believing they survive out here. It seems so hostile and they’re so small.

Here’s what one looks like in the road.

And here are a couple of close ups.

(In this picture, I crossed a line and he scrunched up.)

It was another interesting day for wildlife. I got a couple of nice vulture photos.